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Teamspeak Update v3.5.0
AbovE* | Harry, 2018-11-22, 00:49 CET

Teamspeak has been updated to the most recent version v3.5.0. The full changelog can be found here and reads:

=== Server Release 3.5.0 29 october 2018
Added: Option added to ban users via mytsid or for not having a mytsid.
       Example: banadd mytsid=AaqQu8Z/CzDMxRZ87P5oWpYempDPoO9K3l3VErhVPo+j banreason=banned\smytsid
       Example: banadd mytsid=empty banreason=banned\severyone\sthat\sdoesn't\shave\sa\smytsi
Added: Ability for the the commands 'clientinfo', clientdbinfo, 'clientgetids', 'clientgetdbidfromuid',
       'clientgetnamefromuid', 'clientgetnamefromdbid' and 'clientgetuidfromclid' to send more then one
       query at the same time.

Removed: Permission 'b_serverinstance_version_view' and 
       'i_needed_modify_power_serverinstance_version_view' and access to the 'version' command can not
       be restricted anymore.
Removed: Permission 'b_channel_create_private'. This feature never made it into the server.

Fixed: Privilegekeys remain valid when used by a user that can not receive the group in question.
Fixed: The command 'privilegekeydelete' returns 'ok_no_update' now, when the key did not exist in the
       first place.
Fixed: Privilegekeys that contain non printable ASCII characters are now rejected before checking in
       the database.
Fixed: Mistakes in the 'server_quickstart' and in the server query documentation have been removed.
Fixed: Trying to delete a virtual server with id '0' will result in 'server_invalid_id' now.

Make sure you are also running the most up-to-date version of the client v3.2.3 to reduce the risk of any compatibility issues.

Website launched
AbovE* | Harry, 2018-11-21, 18:32 CET

Today, we have launched a new website focused on the main communication medium of our community: Our Teamspeak server.

Over the last 8 years, exit1 has gone through a lot of changes. We started of as a team with high ambitions and great success in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as one of the top 5 teams in the German ESL league. Fully motivated we attempted switching to Call of Duty, and with big regrets went back to the roots with Battlefield 3. At this point in time the ravages of time already let any semi-professional ambitions fade.

There clearly have been ups and downs. We saw people joining the team, leaving and eventually coming back years after. Certainly, at times the clan might even have been considered dead. As of today, a pretty stable group of people has gathered and is enjoying their evenings with all the various different games. Some might even go that far and claim that games are being "burned" considering how often they change.

You might wonder: Is it fun playing game after game without trying to become really good in any of them? Hell yeah!

Our teamspeak also attracted people totally unaffiliated to some extend even unknown to the team. Our understanding is they are enjoying a safe and stable harbour for their own gaming session located in the same country. Everyone is welcome, as long as people play by the rules and we haven't seen anyone disobeying them in years.

Welcome to exit1. no escape. no way out.